Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists complete a thorough intake process with you to determine the best focus for your bodywork. Below is a quick reference of some of the massage types we offer, however as a general practice we customize our bodywork to fit your needs.


Swedish Massages

Swedish massage increases the oxygen flow in the blood and releases toxins from the muscles. Reduces recovery time from muscular strain by flushing tissues of acids and other metabolic wastes. Increases circulation, stretches ligaments and tendons; keeping them supple and pliable. Stimulates the skin and nervous system and soothes the nerves at the same time.

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Cranial Sacral & Cranial Pattern Release 

Gently working with the spine, skull & its cranial sutures, diaphragms, & fascia, the restrictions of nerve passages are eased, CSF massage through spinal cord optimized & misaligned bones are restored to their proper position. Ideal massage for those suffering from chronic pain.

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Reflexology (Feet)

Pressure applied through massage to the feet & hands. Stimulates & balances the organs, muscles, & joints, while detoxing the lymphatic system. Especially good for plantar fascitis, allergies, immune system and headaches.

Acupressure Balancing & Drainage

Balances Chi/Qi/Ki using light touch on specific meridian points. Helpful in alleviating chronic headaches, nausea, allergies, & neuropathy.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Rhythmic, light touch strokes manually turn on & pump the lymphatic system, strengthening the immune system. This technique can alleviate chronic fatigue syndrome, and is a great way to detox the body from normal use.

Neuro-Muscular / Pressure Point / Sports / Deep Tissue / Myofascial

Deeper pressure massages focusing on specific areas, trigger points or fascia to assist in release of toxins; increasing muscle recovery time. When you need a massage in Nashville please visit us at the Center of Symmetry.

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