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Purifies // Detoxifies // Alkalizing // Anti-Oxidizing // Hydrating

Purifies your water, leaving in essential minerals

Creates micro-clusters allowing for maximum hydration

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What’s all this Buzz About?

There are three qualities of this water that help get your body in the proper balance:

  1. ALKALINE – Cancer and disease flourish in an acidic environment.

  2. ANTI-OXIDANT – Neutralizes free radicals which make our body age.

  3. MICRO-CLUSTERED – Smaller molecule clusters enable the water to efficiently hydrate every cell, getting in essential nutrients and removing toxic waste; all other waters – tap, bottled and filtered – are only absorbed at a rate of 15%. Micro-clustered water at a rate of 85%.

How It Works

The ionization process gives the water its oxidation reduction potential (ORP), which translates into its antioxidant power; destroying free radicals and an unprecedented level and truly detoxifying the body at a cellular level.

If you were to observe your tap water through a microscope, you would see approximately 14-15 round molecules in a chaotic pattern. Micro-structuring changes Kangen’s water structure to 5 or 6 hexagonal molecules, which makes it absorbable by our bodies at a cellular level.

Why It’s Popular

All science aside, the best advertisement is the people who use it. Overwhelmingly they will say, “Just try it”. It is highly energizing – so much so that drinking after 6pm is not recommended. It has been used in the treatment of cancer, and there is anecdotal evidence out there by clients who report their asthma, blood sugar, arthritis, joint pain, scar tissue and bone spurs have disappeared.

Because it has a powerful ability to detoxify the body, it’s not uncommon to experience some minor side effects when first using the water, such as mild headaches, body aches, bowel changes or skin eruptions. These effects are temporary and a necessary part of the detoxification process. This water will allow you to assimilate nutrients and supplements up to 5 or 6 times faster than with ordinary water, so it’s recommended that you do not take prescription medications with it.

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